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Ita Bag for Girls


The Ita bag combines the best features of a purse and a backpack for the ultimate convenience. This ita bag backpack is Made of PU leather with streamlined stitching, it’s durable and stylish.

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Retagex Kawaii Gamer Girl Ita Bag

Gaming Console ITA Bag

The Ita bag is the perfect way to showcase your badges and dolls. The clear display area makes it easy to view your collection, while the badge grid layer ensures that they stay organized.
The unique design is perfect for school, gym, sports, travel, hiking, camping and daily outing, Comic-Con, Halloween, Party, especially for Anime Expo. The height of the ita backpack is 10.62in/27cm, width 2.75in /7cm and length 8.66in/22cm.

Package Includes:
Ita bag x 1

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ITA Bag for Girls: All That You Need To Know!

In today’s time, people prefer convenience in every product that they purchase and every service that they avail. In today’s dynamic and fast moving world, whether it is the personal life or the professional or academic life, people are always “on the go”. Hence they require all the equipment and tools that will allow them to be on the move in an effective & efficient manner.

Before we get any further, let us put forward the fact that girls love anime! So, is there a bag for girls that adore anime and want to showcase it to the world?

Talking specifically about girls that love anime, they need equipment that lets them have all their belongings & other important stuff moving with them easily, while also being able to display their anime badges. So, what might this essential piece of equipment be? Well, it is an ITA bag which combines the characteristics of both a purse and a backpack which encapsulates the personal, professional and academic life of girls in an effortless manner, with a sprinkle of anime fun!

ITA Bags are the answer to the modern convenience requirement!

Let us discuss ITA bags in detail.

What are ITA Bags?

In very simple words, the ITA bags for girls are bags that are basically backpacks and purses combined into one product for ease of use, convenience & modernity. ITA bags are durable, stylish, modern & convenient in terms of their use. The ITA bags allow girls to showcase their love for anime by putting up badges and other collectibles on the bags.

Gone are the times when girls would have separate backpacks and purses. ITA bags offer the functionality of both in one single product.

Why use an ITA Bag?

Well, there are countless reasons why girls should be using ITA bags. First and foremost, the element of convenience makes the ITA bags be a perfect choice for girls. It can be hard to move around throughout the day with a backpack and a separate purse. It can lead to inconvenience & overall, it can be a difficult task to manage more than one bag or purse.

The ITA bags for girls are very functional in their nature. Girls don’t need to have a separate purse along with their backpack if they have an ITA bag. The ITA bag offers all the style & fashion of modern backpacks and also the storage facilities offered by high quality purses for girls.

All in all, unless someone just prefers to handle more than one bag or purse each day, the ITA bags are the perfect product for all the girls.

Quality of ITA Bags for Girls:

The issue is with most of the backpacks available in the markets is that they are not very durable. If they are durable, they are not one of the stylish ones and if they look good, they are delicate. The best thing about the ITA bags for girls is that they are both durable & stylish.

Unlike the basic backpacks available in the markets, the ITA bag is made of PU leather that consists of streamlined stitching, which makes it tons more durable than other backpacks. The stitching of the ITA bags is strong enough to handle all the weight you might be carrying around in the bag.

The straps of the ITA bags are also very strong in terms of the material they are made of. You don’t want your backpack strap to be torn off and therefore, you should be opting for an ITA bag to ensure your belongings stay safe & secure.

Are ITA Bags Stylish?

Yes, the ITA bags for girls are very cute & stylish. Of course, no one will ever want a bag that looks boring or dull. Girls have to keep things cute & the ITA bags are designed to showcase the awesomeness in the most effective & efficient manner.

The ITA bags come in different colors and designs which you can choose from. The anime based designs look very aesthetic & unique. The best thing about ITA bags is that whether young kids use them or adults, they suit every person in the best manner possible.

Style, effectiveness & aesthetics; what else could one want from a bag, right?

Are ITA Bags Expensive?

No, the ITA bags are not expensive. In comparison with the branded backpacks available in the markets, the ITA bags for girls are very affordable. The cute ITA bags offer a higher level of convenience for a lower price.

The materials with which the ITA bags are made are very high in quality but due to efficient production process, ITA bags don’t cost that much. So, if you were planning on getting an ITA bag, you should go for it as the cost is a lot less than the benefits you will reap from the product.

Our Product Design:

Our ITA bags are not random in terms of their style and design. When we design a cute ITA bag, we make sure that the aesthetics are good enough to attract every person. Of course, we don’t want people to ignore your amazing ITA bag so we make sure to keep it modern and fashionable.

Our product designs are based on the feedback we get from our customers to ensure we offer to the people what they prefer and like instead of putting out redundant designs. We follow a consumer centric approach which means that we focus on what our customers want instead of focusing on what we think is the best.

So far, all the designs that we have put out have been well received by the audience and we focus on improving our designs further with every new bag that we make.

ITA Bags VS Simple Backpacks:

So, the question is: do girls get a cute ITA bag or a simple backpack?

Well, the answer to this question depends on your preference. Are you an anime lover? If you are, then you must opt for an ITA bag as they will allow you to showcase the fangirl of anime in you! The basic and simple backpacks will only allow you to carry around your stuff without offering any modern fashion and style.

The basic backpacks available in the market often cost more than the ITA bags. Their high cost does not make them a suitable choice for many girls. ITA bags on the other hand cost less and hence, most of the girls can afford them with ease.

So, in simple terms, if you want style, convenience & cuteness at an affordable price, you should always go for an ITA bag!

Our ITA Bags Customer Reviews:

The sign that we are doing it right is our customer reviews. All the bags that we have sold so far have received good reviews from our customers on our website. The reason why we care so much about how well our ITA bags are is that we want to satisfy our customers. If the customers are happy with our products, it means that we are doing everything right!

If you take a look at the reviews on our site, you will see that the people love our ITA bags in every regard. If there are ever any suggestions from the customers, we consider them and focus on them to improve our products even more.

Instead of keeping the reviews to ourselves, we share them with the world to make sure we help you make the best purchase decisions. We are sure that if you purchase a cute ITA bag from us, your review will be a satisfied and positive one too!

The Bottom Line!

ITA bags are the new fashion trend for girls. With durability, aesthetics & convenience, at a moderate price, it is a sure purchase for all the girls! With all the fun of cute anime and style, the ITA bags are just worth it in every manner and way!

If you want to get the highest quality ITA bags for girls, be sure to check them out on our site as we offer our customers the most unique and high quality ITA bags that you can possibly get in the market!

Weight 0.34 g
Dimensions 180 × 180 × 80 cm

Black, Blue, Pink, White

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Louis Guillaume

its so cute! its perfect and you cant tell that the price is low:D there are no flaws however there were a few loose strings but its nothing you cant fix. the bag is pretty big and the straps came in the bag, they are adjustable. This bag is the perfect bag to put all your badges and pins in:)

Chloé David

A little smaller than I thought, but I like it a lot and it's good quality

Lilou Carpentier

The bag has very good quality and arrived very fast.

Manon Riviere

Igal 3 types. Ving Kruti, yakysno pochitiy, took a special, Shield of chipleti badges. This is the first time I 've ever had a little bit of fun.

Maxence Laine

A beautiful briefcase, I'm just delighted! Arrived very quickly . In principle, it can be used as a bag on the side (as I do) or as a regular bag/small briefcase. doesn't stink. The only thing that transparent rubber was a little dirty: